Stratford Upon Avon & District Darts League



UPDATED 12/12/17

League News......

Please visit our new facebook page aswell Stratford Darts League (Mondays)   

*Avenue Sc B will now be playing their home games at the Yard of Ale.*

 FIXTURES FOR 18/12/17


West End Wanderers vs Embers
Avenue Sc B vs Binton Royals
Homeguard vs Westenders
Squirrel A vs Squirrel B
Bretforton Sc vs Yardalers
Salmon Tail vs Avon Sc A
Crown vs Butchers Arms A
Yard of Ale vs Stags Head
Bearley Sc vs Avenue Sc A

Byes, Legionnaires, Wilmcote Fc, Wilmcote Sc, Carpenters, Wellesbourne Connies, Avon Sc B and Butchers Arms B









please send the missing sheets to Alan Morris